Leaking Roofs


Find and fix your leak!

Leaking Roofs can cause major damage to a property. If you ever notice a dark stain on your ceiling or see droplets or water flowing down the wall. 

Good chance your roof is leaking. Unfortunately roof leaks can occur on all types of properties, new and old and should be fixed asap to prevent further damage.


Leaking Roof Repairs

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Leaking Roof

Common Causes for Leaking Roofs

Improper installation of materials and poor workmanship is one of the most common causes of leaking roofs. This may include flashings, roof membrane, sheeting or tiles, valleys, whirly birds and sunlights.

Flashings, silicon and roofs deteriorate over time and eventual allow water to enter the penetration.

Major rain events or downpours can cause a roof to leak and require repairs ASAP.

Falling limbs or trees, hail or other objects can cause major damage to a roof. After major storms or heavy winds, its recommended to inspect the roof for any damage.

Tips for preventing Leaking Roofs

  • Ensure your roofs are inspected and penetrations are sealed correctly.
  • Ensure the condition of your roof is adequate to handle large rain events and high winds.
  • Remove any leaves or debris from your gutter to ensure they are free flowing
  • Make sure you have enough downpipes connected and they are not blocked. If they are connected to underground stormwater drainage, make sure it’s free flowing (typically outflows to the street kerb).


Always take care when working from heights. A fall from the roof can be very serious!

Leaking Roof