Blocked Drains


Blocked drain trouble shooting

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing problems experienced by people and can be a huge inconvenience and have potential health impacts. 


Nuisances may range from smelly odours, gurgling sounds in your pipes, showers, sinks, basins or floor wastes draining to slow, or build-up of grime. Health impacts may range from harmful bacteria being encountered or sewerage overflowing onto floors and carpet.

These are all signs that your property may have blocked drains. Neglecting these symptoms can lead to much bigger problem and should be fixed to prevent health problems and major damage to your property.


Blocked Drains 24/7 Service

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Blocked Drain

The Most Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Roots from trees are notorious for growing underground in search of water and rich soils, and as a result will usually head straight for your sewer and stormwater drains. They will eventually find their way into the pipe and continue to grow reducing the pipes diameter, flow and eventually causing a blockage.

Natural debris such as leaves, shrubs, dirt, soil can fall or get washed into stormwater drains. And overtime will build up causing the drain to block.

Very common is the build-up of hair in showers and floor waste drains due to hair falling off the body during a shower. Over time the drains will clog and require cleaning.

Sewer and stormwater pipes can break due to tree roots, general wear and tear or inadequate protection (cover over the pipe). And unless you can visibly see the broken pipe, it can be difficult to diagnose the issue. Pipe Cameras are a very effective and cost-effective way of inspecting underground pipes.

Kitchen sinks deal with a lot of waste from rising and washing dirty dishes or using garbage disposals. The constant use of kitchen sinks can cause grease to build up in the trap and waste pipes eventually getting clog.

Blocked drains occur from people disposing of foreign objects not meant for drainpipes. This may include toiletries (nappies, baby wipes, towels etc) or objects such as kids toys, soap, sanitary items be dropped down the drain eventually causing a blockage.

Drains installed incorrectly such as pipe diameters to small, incorrect fittings, not enough fall can all contribute to a drain eventually blocking up. This may require repairs being made to the existing pipework to ensure its operational and won’t block up again in the future.

During heavy rain and storms which are common in South East Queensland during summer. Gutters and downpipes may experience blockages if they are full of leaves and not clean.

Block Drain Solutions

There are a number of ways to unblock a drain depending on the problem. At Gold Plumbing will ensure we use the most efficient and appropriate method to clean your drains to have them working like new again. Our range of drain cleaning solutions include:

  • Electric Eel – steel rods and cutting heads are used to clean sewer & stormwater drains
  • Pipe Camera for inspections and blockage location
  • Hydro-jet cleaning – high pressure water is used to clean larger sewer & stormwater drains.
  • Drain Augers – small diameter steel springs are used to clean small sewer waste pipes.
Blocked Drain