Backflow Prevention


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At Gold Plumbing we specialise in the testing and commissioning of backflow devices across the Gold Coast. Our services include:

  • Backflow Device Testing and Commissioning – we confirm the device is working as it should be and identify any issues as well as providing solutions if needed.
  • Backflow Device Certification – we provide compliance certificates to the property owner and local government authority (Gold Coast City Council). And can set-up an automatic reminder to test and commission the device yearly.
  • Backflow Device Installations – we can install and certify new backflow devices as part of new builds or renovation requirements.



Servicing Queries

If you have any questions regarding backflow devices and their requirements, give Gold Plumbing a call on 0491 646 377 to talk with an expert.

Backflow prevention

The Most Common Backflow Prevention Devices

Used for medium to high hazard rating for cross-connections. This device only allows water to flow in one direction.

Used primarily for high hazard rating for cross-connections. These devices provide the highest level of protection for your water supply.

Used for low to medium hazard rating for cross-connection. These devices are typically installed on irrigation systems.

Used for fire services only. Cross-connection rating is low.


What is a Backflow Prevention Device?

It’s a device that prevents a contaminated source entering your potable (drinking) water supply. How does this happen?

Backflow occurs when water pressures change from you house to the water main resulting in drawing in of non-potable sources which might be harmful.


Common Systems which require a Backflow Prevention Device installed

  • Underground water tanks that have mains water backups
  • Water outlets in close proximality to chemicals or grease traps. Typically, in commercial buildings, restaurants or hospitals.
  • Fire Hydrants or Hose Reels
  • Irrigation Systems


Important: it’s a Council Requirement that backflow devices are tested and commissioned by a licensed plumber who hold this endorsement. And conducted every 12 months.